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Carol Andrade Holmes PhD LAc

Free Book with class

     Learn Healing with Food


  • Online Workshops for Professional credit CEU/PDA 

  • Workshops & Workbooks for groups, schools & organizations to support kids & teens with body image, food and eating issues,

  •  Special support for Special Populations: Vets, Native Americans, Refugees

  •  Food Travel & Life long Learning, Travel the World and learn from cooks, chefs & gardens

  • Self Help Book "HEALING WITH FOOD"  used by Professionals & Students worldwide


About Carol Holmes PhD LAc

  • PhD in Psychology with extensive work in Natural Healing and Eastern Food Balancing 

  • Licensed Acupuncutist with expertise in Food Cures and Herbs for Health

  • Dedicated to Food Security, Healing Eating issues & protection of our organic and seed heritage, Expert on the Psychology of Food and Trans Cultural Development  

  • Designer of Gardens & Healing Spaces                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          "Food, Eating and Ecology are the basis of health.                                                             Our life depends on the wisdom we bring to all these areas."                                                         Education & programs for you, your school,                            organization or community, just email below:

Messages Tel: +1 (480)-481-0009    





Learn how to balance tastes which feed the energy

in your whole body.


Release unhealthy habits,

 Connect with your traditions Add world treasures to heal yourself & those you love

ECOLOGY & Social Justice

Understand Food Security and Food Ecology. Be part of the worldwide revolution

in FOOD justice..

Healing with Food

Learn the easiest, healthiest way to feed yourself & those you love, while helping to HEAL the EARTH.

Did you know that the five tastes can heal cravings?

If you have a craving listen to what it is telling you.

Sweet, sour, spicy, salty, and bitter. 

Each taste feeds specific needs in your body.

By listening and understanding your cravings

you can create an experience of balance. Learn how.


"If you are a professional expert or a beginner, 
you can learn gentle, complete ways 

to change the state of your plate."

                    Carol Holmes PhD LAc

Healing with Food

Tel:+1 (480)481-0009  |  Email:


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